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Sustainable Principles / Sustainable Thinking / Sustainable Design

We love this planet

we care about its future
and therefore invest in


- G Mega -

G Mega's



We believe that sustainability requires action, not just words. 


In this industry, it is hard to challenge and change the unsustainable practices

that have existed for a very long time, but we’re trying our best to do so.

We can now use faux leather to make garments that are produced from

substitute materials, not to mention fabrics and garments that are

recycled, upcycled, vegan, and carbon-neutral.

The technology and raw materials exist,

but our collective willpower as a fashion industry has not kept pace.


We have to keep trying, and pushing sustainability,

until we have arrived at a better way to clothe ourselves.

A fashion sustainability movement has begun, and G Mega is part of it.


G Mega's Sustainable Principles

Stop using materials, and production practices, that harm mother earth

Choose biodegradable yarns

Find ways to lower our carbon dioxide emissions

Become ever more sustainable in our textile production.


Reduce water and energy waste,

reducing our impact on the land, animals and human beings.


As a sustainability-focused company, we pay a lot of attention to

saving water, energy, and paper in our office.

We encourage our staff to use reusable tableware,

and we collect and reuse fabric cutting waste to make fabric-chips for our customers.


These steps are very simple but, in their own small ways, they are very radical.


We are a certificated supplier of BCI, OCS and GRS products

to give our customers peace of mind that our sustainability credentials

have been audited and verified by reputable global organizations.


G Mega took these steps from a belief

that sustainability has to be the future of fashion industry.

G Mega's



We may not be sustainability pioneers

but we are proud practitioners, and always strive to improve.


Thinking in a sustainable way means we have to develop

our business step by step in a sustainable way.


We have started to actively source renewable materials and

techniques that can help us, and our clients,

achieve the next level of sustainability together.


We work with our Taiwan yarn suppliers to develop our own eco collections,
such as those using milk protein fiber,

waste coffee grounds combined with recycled plastic (rPet),

and oyster-shell yarn.


In Taiwan, pineapple and Kinmen sorghum are very popular foodstuffs.


We are able to take pineapple leaf and degum it,

transforming its leaves into silky-white pineapple leaf fiber, also called PALF.

PALF-blended fiber is softer than hemp and resembles linen.


With Kinmen sorghum wine,

one of the waste products is charred sorghum vinasse,

which can be pulverized and melted into fiber.

Recycled sorghum vinasse fiber is moisture-absorbent,

deodorizing and UV resistant.


Following our yarn material sustainability efforts,

we have also turned to considering how we can

maintain sustainability at every stage of the textile production process.

We developed our own undyed collection,​

which focuses on the fabrics’ textural features

rather than being driven by colour palettes.


We also choose dye stuffs that are gentle on the environment

to conduct our dyeing processes.


Organic cotton and recycled poly are familiar materials

in our collections and have been for a long time.

Lyocell, Tencel and sustainable viscose are too.


We are open-minded about anything that can help us in our efforts

to achieve sustainability in what we do,

and are transparent about sharing this information with our clients.


After all, the goal is a better environment for everyone,

and we need to work together to achieve that.


G Mega's



As a design challenge we find sustainability exciting and, quite often, fascinating.

We see every limitation as a challenge to be over-come

and once we have achieved a solution, it means we have learned a valuable lesson in the process.


We want to change the negative stereotypes about sustainable design

always being boring and unattractive.

We created our Eco-collection made from renewable yarns

in a very gentle, pastel-color, palette.

This makes the whole collection not just feel softer, but also look soothing.

The fabrics featured in this collection look stunning when put into garment samples,

and look beautiful on the rack when transformed

by our clients into loungewear and essential items.


In the course of its creation, we truly fell in love with our Undyed Collection,

where we chose to keep the greige color, and even the cotton neps.

Undyed fabrics allow us to focus on their textures and

transform them into unique garment silhouettes.

Showing to our clients that G Mega fabrics don’t need color to be beautiful

has also proven to be a good marketing strategy.


We are now developing more undyed fabrics into our product lines.

The fabrics are not only beautiful, but they also save

a large amount of water during the production process.


Due to Covid-19, we recently haven't always been able to meet our clients in person.

In many places, designers and fabric teams are working from home and

may continue to do so even once the pandemic eases.

This creates a physical barrier to communication that didn’t exist pre-pandemic.

These new limitations to sharing fabrics with our clients’ departments

and teams have arose over a short period of time, sometimes overnight.


To deal with this challenge, we started to design our own fabric chips.

The chips are made from the waste created during the cutting of our fabrics

in our sample rooms when making sample books for clients.

We provide QR codes on the cover of our chip books,

so everyone can refer directly to the fabrics chips

while looking at our digital fabric collections.


Our clients’ designers can touch and feel the fabrics

but also get execution ideas from our digital books.


We put our heart and soul into making our design work as accessible

and unique as possible, making the lives of our clients easier and providing

the perfect supplement to our development and production expertise.


On our journey towards sustainability,
learning never stops

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What does Sustainability Mean to Us?

Also called ‘eco fashion’, sustainability is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend around making fashion’s environmental impact smaller.

The goal of sustainability is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of both human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Right now, environmental and social responsibility

is becoming increasingly important in fashion industry, and rightly so.
Sustainability is the new normal, so at G Mega we don't see it as buzzword or a trend.


We see it as sustainable movement, and we want to play a part in it.


Sustainability and G Mega

We only have one planet, one abode for human beings

and the species with whom we share it.

It is our job, our duty, to maintain its life for future generations.
We hate to see our planet suffering from past and present human behavior.


G Mega is devoted to developing many kinds of sustainable fabrics,

from easy basic jerseys to luxury jacquard items. 

Our Sustainable Collection presents

an overview of G Mega’s fabrics that are developed from fibers,

techniques and innovations to make our industry more sustainable.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

How do we Maintain Sustainability?

From the initial stages of our design and development process,

G Mega constantly looks for any raw materials that are require low levels of water and energy use, are biodegradable or renewable resources

made of waste products,

such as oyster-shells and coffee beans, which can successfully be transformed and given new life as sustainable yarns.


Indeed, at G Mega we don't just consider our fiber production processes,

but dig into our dyeing and finishing processes too to identify opportunities to drive sustainability.

That's why we created our undyed collection.


We also make use of plant dyes that extract colors from the nature that surrounds us and therefore reduces the need for synthetic, processed, and harmful dyes.


But it’s not just about reducing our water usage during dyeing and limiting the damage from environmentally harmful chemicals.


More than that -

G Mega treats sustainability as the key to everything we do,

and a goal we have to achieve.


We encourage our staff to use eco-friendly tableware.

We provide stock fabrics to college students to ensure it is re-used.

We keep our fabric cutting waste to make our own fabric chips.

FullSizeRender 2.jpeg

We won’t stop trying to seek out better ways for our industry to do business and,

in doing so, build a healthier relationship with our environment.


a non-stop
learning process.

believe that
the right choice
for our industry,
the only choice
for our future
this planet.

-G Mega-

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